Yes, this post was supposed to be the first post of this year, but never got to write one. Last year, I did the same thing, really not a procrastination, just didn't have the mood. That was a long post with random stuff.

Starting with this year, I will put together some numbers. This post is probably a template for the future new year's post.

In 2011, this blog had 48,481 visits (64,292 pageviews). Top 5 posts:
  1. Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta: 6,312 pageviews (9.82%)
  2. Stick div at top after scrolling: 3,674 pageviews (5.71%)
  3. Migrating to tmux from GNU/Screen: 2,423 pageviews (3.77%)
  4. Super Simple is still not HTML5 valid: 2,306 pageviews (3.59%)
  5. First step to Twitter OAuth & Streaming API using Python: 2,086 pageviews (3.24%)
The homepage had  2,266 pageviews (3.52%). The traffic sources:
  • Search Traffic: 72.04%, 34,924 Visits
  • Referral Traffic: 13.80%, 6,691 Visits
  • Direct Traffic: 13.63%, 6,606 Visits
  • Campaigns: 0.54%, 260 Visits

Obviously, this blog heavily relies on search engines. I wish Referral can take more in the future.

In 2011, I posted 145 posts, that is 0.397 posts a day, or a post every 2.517 days.