Goodbye 2008!

I saw few photos on Flickr use some different methods to write 2008 and this is my way! I use Mouse Track in KDE's Desktop Effects. The light source is five stars fly around mouse cursor. Few books to stack up for camera. B shutter and f/22. My chin to hold the shutter. Left hand to press Ctrl+Win and right hand moves the mouse to write. Background is an all black image created using GIMP. Showing in full-screen using Eye of GNOME. KDE on GNU/Linux from Fedora 10 distro.

Completely created in free way and that's my way.

Of course, there is a photo for 2009!

Hello 2009!

It's easy to welcome 2009, just hit the Enter key! (We enter 2009!)

Oh, just a reminder! Please don't celebrate too fast for 2009, we have an extra second to countdown! Hey, you can stay in 2008 for one more second (UTC or behind) or you can have extra second in 2009 (ahead UTC), isn't that great?