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It cant be a better timing to share this 33-year-old song, Happy New Year (1980) by ABBA (1972-1982).

During this time of year, people used to talk about the good, the bad, listing what had been done in the previous year, doing reviews, making resolutions or none, and these sorts of things. Its quite interesting to read blogs doing those, and I can see everyone has its own way to write about it.

An end is also a beginning, a start of something new, trying things you have never dared to do before. For me, as a blogger, not crazy enough like those people, I am only trying blogging with KISS principle and thats why I dont embed YouTube video but with only links.

I saw some bloggers were trying to figure out from whether they should continue to blog or not to complicated life situations, while others happily making plans and setting goals for this brand new 2013. Some bloggers have realized that making resolutions are just crossing-the-previous-year-number-and-writing-down-the-new-year-number-on-the-same-list kind of thing, and stopped it. But if you still make some, consider to add some to your resolutions list. Whatever they do, one thing they all love is making a post with a long list of posts.

For some reason, I dont feel this song was trying to bring happy feeling. Three decades later, we definitely still need to say Happy New Year as you follow whats going on in our world.

May we all have our hopes, our will to try.

I own a copy of promo CD of Cyndi Lauper, who originally sings Time After Time in 1984, thats why I felt so familiar when I heard this song from Holly of True Love. Eva Cassidys cover (Live) is quite different than original, the lyrics are the same, but different in a way when you listen.

One time, Ive said:

Why some things can touch your heart are always discovered after a death?

My words were spoken in my head while I was reading the Wikipedia about Eva Cassidy (1963-1996), she passed away in 1996. Jonathan Larson (1960-1996), the creators of Rent and Tick, Tick Boom!, died in the same year. I only got to know his music a few years ago, and thats why I had such feeling. It seems that we only have the chances to appreciate wonderful things after we lose the people.

And another great song, True Colors.

I was watching the Hairy Bikers Bakeation Italy while eating my freshly-baked-and-still-warm bread with a cup of black coffee. You got to watch a show with proper food, dont you think so?

The show was concluding with Volare in background, I believed the performer is Gipsy Kings not Luciano Pavarotti as listed on BBC website, really no way that could be Pavarotti. I have listened to this song before and I am now sure its Gipsy Kings cover version, never tried to find out who sings it. You know your body want to move with the music when you hear the beats.

Dont know if it was because of Italian, the cameraman in the episode also focused on females, candid shots, so to speak. Zooming in, focus transitioning from the cake, which Bikers were still making, to a female sitting on chair reading, quite funny.

By the way, I dont speak Italian, dont even know what the song title means.