(This is a late post. I think this is possible the last moment to post.)

After I watched a family broadcast celebration (fireworks) of New Years in Disney's Polynesian Resort, an idea was suddenly stuck in my head. Or more like a dream, an unrealistic dream or wish.

I wonder if it is possible that I can travel for living? Travel as my job, but not like those you will see on TV or read on books. I get money to travel in any way I like. Ha! We then ask who would like to give you money to travel? Yep, I doubt that, too.

About a year ago, I told a MSN contact about travel. I think a good trip is to try to be a local. Having conversations with people who live there for many years is a nice travel for me. Anthony Bourdain has said Be a traveller, not a tourist. I always remember that.

I wish I could stay in a place at least a week up to a month. Meet some local and host a live chat show with them. Not only for feeling for myself, but also sharing the people, the culture with Internet people. I can tweet, upload photos and clips, and write about what I see and hear.

Every year, I celebrate New Year from different places with different people, who I may or may not know. Learn the culture they have been living for generations and generations, taste the food they would never miss even for a single meal,enjoy the environment they protect and cherish, and listen to every aspect that they proud of.

Eventually, this is just a dream. That's not because it's unreal but I never tried to make it real.