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Hold your congratulation line, don't get too excited for me.

It may look amazing, reaching one thousand pageviews a day. In fact, the record seems to be 1,056 pageviews when one post got into reddit.

You can see there is a significant increase in last few days, that's when I made Disqus load with page, instead of load by a button click. I wanted Disqus Discovery, to be more precise, the related content since I had removed related posts. But it really came with a price, a bloated pageviews.

There were a lot of referrers:

Unfortunately, it's not like viewers click on related content and read another post of mine. Somehow, embed.js requests the page and more than once, sometimes:

I also checked on other website which has Discovery shown, same issue. If Discovery isn't shown, this won't happen. There must be a bug, because there is no need to load the page more than once. Well, it shouldn't be even once, actually. I can't really think of any reason for this.

Right now, I have reverted to button-loading Disqus. It's not worth to bother readers' browser to load unnecessary stuff. Disqus still loads a lot of stuff.

I noticed there is a referrer URL via (a shortening URL service), the third URL in the following screenshot:

I believe it's a fake and I didn't find out by clicking on it. I was trained well to know I could append a "+" (plus symbol) at the end of URL, which would brings you to an information page about that link. The shortened URL is an alias of the following link:

By reading the information on that stats page is enough to conclude that indeed is a spam link. First of all, the website's title clearly is one that standard garbage website would have. Secondly, it's a listing website, you can know that from that original URL.

If you are a real person, I really don't believe that you will use a trash website like that. I did check out that website, eventually. I am guessing those entries are all automatically created just like other link farm websites. That website is not only lame but also pathetic, you doesn't even look like a good copy website. The referral could be real, but I highly doubt it. Most likely, it's a fake.

By the way, the first link in that screenshot is a fake, which I am 100% sure, because it has been spamming endlessly in the last few weeks. This is not the first time I got spammed by .ua ccTLD.

If you have good eyes, you should have also recognized the fifth links is a fake, too. Links contain words like product, store, or shop are very possible to be fakes, you can bet all your money on it.

Well, it seems 3 fakes at once are just not enough, the fourth link is a fake one, too. It has 9 links in that non-blog-but-spam post, all of 9 links link to Facebook, something called pages, I guess. That 9 links are actually fitting into a style of spam described in this Google post, which is totally unrelated to the post content. They, the post content, are generated by templates, probably different that the templates of linked spam content. By the way, this is the first time I know Facebook has that, I thought there is only Facebook pages. Facebook is really confusing if you are not a regular user.

I really hate these guys. Four fakes in just 2 hours.

Thank you, spams! Thank you for bringing 60 poor people to my blog posts, I believe that they are real people and eager to find out what's going on and how to get rid of those.

Thank you for filling up my boring traffic source with your creative member profiles.

Thank you, you kindly Ukrainian people for spending time sending delicated fabric HTTP referrer header to Blogger server. It must cost you some bandwidth to send to a million of blogs or even more. On be half of all our bloggers, we thank you. I apologize if some come from other nations and I didn't give you credit. You can leave your information in comment, I will add as soon as I finish process the invaluable message in the folder named Spam in Gmail.

Also, thank you, you genius high moral programmers for building programs for those people. I know you guys build them not for money, because that's only a few bucks, that's all those people can pay you.

And how can I miss our beloved Blogger staff? They let us enjoy reading the amazing statistics. For the last few days, it's been a fantastic period of time. The number get higher and higher. Who knows, I might hit one thousand pageviews next month.

Lastly, for a comparison, just to show you how bad product Google Analytics is, can not detect HTTP referrer which web server receives. The following screenshot is made by increase the size of new Google Analytics report's embed, so you can see clearly. The line on top is pageviews, the other is visits. As you can see, Blogger Stats gives you 100+ more pageviews.

Don't use Google Analytics, Blogger Stats is better. No installation required, better (bigger as in number) results.


Half way to join to 500 club

I have seen this type of spam long ago, but didn't mention it.

Blogger keeps adding new features just like other Google product/service. But leaves plenty of issues behind, you go open a issue tracker, 90% you will see lots of issues are damn old and unresolved.

As a normal user and someone who can code, I am really sick of it. It's not like you can fix on your end, they are server-side things. You can workaround, you can pretend you didn't see it, but you know the issues are still there.

Do they really use their own products? They must be aware of it.

There is no doubt that Google creates a lot of good stuff, but also no denial about this: they also close/kill/terminate/abandon good stuff.

Google, assign some developers for this kind of thing and old issues! Hire some relationship managers like Jen and bridge API users (the developers) and your developers. You don't need to deal with normal users since you have lots of so-called "experts" users on your help forums already.

But it's Google, I am just nobody, not someone who tweets would get hundreds retweets in an hour. Not someone who whispers would cause one hundred follow-up comments.

So, I would just suck it up and leave it rusty in the dungeon behind the red door.