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If one thing can come from spams for good, that's you can learn some drug's name. Okay, okay, nothing good could ever come from spams.

A referrer spam showed up in Blogger Stats, the link in the screen shot below was second website with "Kamagra" in the referrer link today. The first link was like "cheap kamagra," and that's all in the link basically, I had to google it to see what that was all about.

As soon as the search results showed up, I knew what it was. Some website sells cheap drugs online, like ones you often get in your spam folder: Viagra something alongside the magical penis enlargement stuff. What's wrong with guy's down-there department, really?

I don't know if anyone actually buys medicine online, let along from websites which advertise by spamming. That really sounds fishy and dangerous in many ways, doesn't that? You may get fake drugs or take medicine you shouldn't.

Anyway I googled for second time, but this time I added "wikipedia" to keywords, because I didn't actually learn what this drug is for from first time.

I must not be the only person who searches for information on Wikipedia via search engine by appending "wikipedia" to keywords. Apparently, lots of people search this way for Wikipedia pages.

The second and third results I highlighted in red almost got me clicking on them. For a very short time, I couldn't recognize that they were not Wikipedia pages, but somewhat deceitful links. Wikipedia has nothing to do with the website or the content of pages, i.e. the drug. They are titled this way for one purpose, to lure people like me in.

As the footer of Wikipedia states:

Wikipedia is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

I think it's possible that Wikimedia Foundation can take legal action to protect their trademark. But, like situations with spams, that's just one of a million of websites which never die out. If you bomb Earth with nuclear weapon, two species will survive for sure: cockroach and spammer.

Oh, I still don't know what Kamagra is for, but I guess it probably relates to Viagra since Google gave me such related searches list. Wait, the description of second result seems to explain all, but, nah, not gonna believe it and it's doesn't matter to me.

I noticed there is a referrer URL via (a shortening URL service), the third URL in the following screenshot:

I believe it's a fake and I didn't find out by clicking on it. I was trained well to know I could append a "+" (plus symbol) at the end of URL, which would brings you to an information page about that link. The shortened URL is an alias of the following link:

By reading the information on that stats page is enough to conclude that indeed is a spam link. First of all, the website's title clearly is one that standard garbage website would have. Secondly, it's a listing website, you can know that from that original URL.

If you are a real person, I really don't believe that you will use a trash website like that. I did check out that website, eventually. I am guessing those entries are all automatically created just like other link farm websites. That website is not only lame but also pathetic, you doesn't even look like a good copy website. The referral could be real, but I highly doubt it. Most likely, it's a fake.

By the way, the first link in that screenshot is a fake, which I am 100% sure, because it has been spamming endlessly in the last few weeks. This is not the first time I got spammed by .ua ccTLD.

If you have good eyes, you should have also recognized the fifth links is a fake, too. Links contain words like product, store, or shop are very possible to be fakes, you can bet all your money on it.

Well, it seems 3 fakes at once are just not enough, the fourth link is a fake one, too. It has 9 links in that non-blog-but-spam post, all of 9 links link to Facebook, something called pages, I guess. That 9 links are actually fitting into a style of spam described in this Google post, which is totally unrelated to the post content. They, the post content, are generated by templates, probably different that the templates of linked spam content. By the way, this is the first time I know Facebook has that, I thought there is only Facebook pages. Facebook is really confusing if you are not a regular user.

I really hate these guys. Four fakes in just 2 hours.