A few days ago, I was sarcastic about .ua is free. Today, I still saw the same.

I sent a feedback to Blogger via that gear icon on top-right corner. By the way, the feedback functionality is awesome. You can grab a region for screenshot. I wish Blogger had put in more time and effort to deal with spams before then added this awesome feature.

Anyway, I told them in my feedback: They need to create a report functionality and filter out throughout the entire Blogger Stats (not just the blog), and write a serious post about it to warn the spammers. Something like "Spam is futile, you will be assassinated." (Alright, I didn't send the last part, I just came up with that, could I add it to my feedback?)

I also noticed one of top posts is Fake referrers invade Blogger Stats, make great sense, doesn't it?

That post was posted almost one year ago, so when the Stats was released, and the spam issue is still here. If I may say, it only gets worse. When I posted that, I only got one or a couple every a while. But now, it happens in every hour.

The statistics is filled with fakes, I have learned long ago, never trust what Blogger Stats gives to you. That number is not what you think, that's visits from real human or legit bots. That's why I said "not accurate" in title.

Please send a feedback or post to their help forum. If you also know any existing threads about this issue, post a link, I will go to thumb up. Hopefully, Blogger will take it seriously then.

(So tired of this as you can see that I don't even bother to mask those spams' links anymore)