I noticed there is a referrer URL via Bit.ly (a shortening URL service), the third URL in the following screenshot:

I believe it's a fake and I didn't find out by clicking on it. I was trained well to know I could append a "+" (plus symbol) at the end of Bit.ly URL, which would brings you to an information page about that link. The shortened URL is an alias of the following link:

By reading the information on that stats page is enough to conclude that indeed is a spam link. First of all, the website's title clearly is one that standard garbage website would have. Secondly, it's a listing website, you can know that from that original URL.

If you are a real person, I really don't believe that you will use a trash website like that. I did check out that website, eventually. I am guessing those entries are all automatically created just like other link farm websites. That website is not only lame but also pathetic, you doesn't even look like a good copy website. The referral could be real, but I highly doubt it. Most likely, it's a fake.

By the way, the first link in that screenshot is a fake, which I am 100% sure, because it has been spamming endlessly in the last few weeks. This is not the first time I got spammed by .ua ccTLD.

If you have good eyes, you should have also recognized the fifth links is a fake, too. Links contain words like product, store, or shop are very possible to be fakes, you can bet all your money on it.

Well, it seems 3 fakes at once are just not enough, the fourth link is a fake one, too. It has 9 links in that non-blog-but-spam post, all of 9 links link to Facebook, something called facebook.com/notes/ pages, I guess. That 9 links are actually fitting into a style of spam described in this Google post, which is totally unrelated to the post content. They, the post content, are generated by templates, probably different that the templates of linked spam content. By the way, this is the first time I know Facebook has that, I thought there is only Facebook pages. Facebook is really confusing if you are not a regular user.

I really hate these guys. Four fakes in just 2 hours.