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Imaginatively Fly To The Infinite Possibilities

Just a photo if it is without an actual action when taken

Within our brain, we can imagine, create a fictional memory,

or revenge what someone did to you long time ago

In the end, nothing of them would be real

They would never come to this bloody world

Only remain inside, ridiculous dreams

Why so negative?

Because you forget to open the window (Ouch!), and

you also forget you can not really fly (Belief is not enough)

Unless... you were a superman!


That means you don't have time to backup. It's just gone, boom!
suddenly! gone! nothing left. Although I don't believe that would be
real someday, but this is fun to have a figure of what I would lost:
  • AdSense: I am not even have enough money to request sending a paycheck. So this is not big deal to lose this.
  • Alerts: If I don't have this, how could I stalk?
  • Analytics: It's OK to lose, my statistics never get high enough.
  • Base: I have few documents on it, but I barely can remember what they are.
  • Blogger: Well, this is possible one that I don't want it to be shut
    down. I currently have 5 blogs, 4 of them are active. 70+ posts.
  • Calendar: "Schedule" is never in my dictionary.
  • Code: I have two major repository on it. But one of them is mirroring to GitHub. The other is not active anymore.
  • Docs: I have few public documents and some private documents. I wouldn't like to lose them.
  • FeedBurner: If I don't have Blogger, then this doesn't matter.
  • Gmail: Right now I have used 327 MB, the contents of mails are not
    so important to me, but the sent/received dates are. How so? Those
    dates mark when I did what thing. They represent my life.
  • Groups: I did post some postings, but that's OK to lose.
  • Notebook: Not really have "knowledge" on it.
  • orkut: I have account, that's all.
  • Page Creator: I put some JavaScript scripts or images, but they are mostly part of my coding.
  • Picasa Web Albums: Most of them are screenshot for blogging.
  • Profiles: Doesn't matter.
  • Reader: Honestly, I have only searched in it for once or twice at
    most. What I have read in it is not important, but if I don't have
    Reader, then I need to get used a new reader, so I will lose time.
  • Search: Do we have other search engine? what we do? oh... that's news to me. :)
  • Sites: I recently use it to create my "index.htm" website, which is the index of me. I can't afford to lose it.
  • Talk: I have plenty of choices.
  • Video: Some people don't even know there is Google Video.
  • Web History: Google has no longer indexed all of you history because of some responses, mainly from Europe I believe.
  • Webmaster Tools: Same as Analytics.
  • YouTube: I only have four videos (I think), it's OK to lose mine. BUT, what should I do if we don't have YouTube. You can't take our fun away!

I believe that I miss some. Since I missed, that means they don't matter.

I think I may try to find some ways to backup my stuff on Blogger, Code, Docs, and Gmail. Any suggestions?