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No, this is not about the inhumanly, awful Cinnamon Challenge.

Aside: I had no idea someone actually made a Wikipedia page for it. But you really have to watch it to understand how many nuts are out there.

I was watching a cooking video (just click the link and watch first), then totally unexpected ingredient was added:

salt, and cumin, chili powder, and like literally just a little tiny smidgen of cocaine

Its different than Chef Johns humor or double entendre, this is a blooper, a super hilarious slip-up. I have heard of some marijuana cake, but cocaine as spice, thats the first. It takes her literally one second to realize what she have just said, cinnamon and cocaine hardly sound alike, I wonder

Anyway, kids, dont do cinnamon or accept cocaine challenge, they are bad for you! But moms, add some cocaine to spice up your dishes!

I found myself of real case scenario when I saw Shit Girls Say in YouTube Recommendations.

I saw there were a lot of parody of that video, they reminded me of this * operator. You can search "shit say" on YouTube or Google and get good matching results, but Shit * Say should be more precise.

The trend of Shit * Say seem to go back months ago, no idea why I missed it. Though not everyone is fun but some do make you laugh especially you fit into the profile or have encounter with same type of person as the video tries to make fun of them.

Garsh, I feel I am too geeky or nerdy. How could I laugh out loud like that?

I was looking for else in for loop. I can never be remembering when will else clause gets executed, so I gotta check up every time. And this is the quote I just read (bold for emphasis):

The for statement in Python differs a bit from what you may be used to in C or Pascal. blah blah blah in the order that they appear in the sequence. For example (no pun intended):

When I saw that bold text, I asked myself how on Earth an official programming language's documentation has that?

And the important thing is I didn't get it first time, but I laughed like an idiot then.

Go check out first on GitHub.

At first glance of the title, even it's a bit of weird, I was kind of believing that was a valid document until I read the code 701. Then, I started laughing. Here is a list of my favorites:
  • 72X - Edge Cases
    • 720 - Unpossible
    • 721 - Known Unknowns
    • 722 - Unknown Unknowns
    • 723 - Tricky
    • 724 - This line should be unreachable
    • 725 - It works on my machine
  • 73X - Fucking
    • 735 - Fucking IE
    • 736 - Fucking Race Conditions
  • 74X - Meme Driven
    • 742 - A kitten dies
  • 76X - Substance-Affected Developer
    • 761 - Hungover
    • 762 - Stoned
    • 763 - Over-Caffienated
    • 764 - Under-Caffienated
  • 77X - Predictable Problems
    • 777 - Coincidence
    • 779 - Off By Too Many To Count Error
  • 78X - Somebody Else's Problem
    • 781 - Operations
    • 782 - QA
    • 783 - It was a customer request, honestly
Someone really needs to get this into standard. ;)