I saw this from a YouTube video, original does not have beds part, I added. Do you believe cats can cast magic spell? is there a Cat CIA? a "Controlling your owners using advanced techniques"?

They are really good. You never ever look their eyes, or you definitely will be totally controlled. Even you say "No" with deep serious voice, they still jump up to your bed within a second, even that is a 20+ KG super-sized cat. I guess the weight is just one of their covers. All of them are well-trained spies, each of them gets their best skill.

Common skills includes eating, sleeping, stealth, chasing, yelling, or playing cute. The can even call for support, which is the owners. They control everyone from your dog to your wife. They practice assault everything from shoes to cough or to your grandpa. They eat everything from cat food to dishes on the dinner table. They sleep all the time from 0000 to 2300, this is probably the only good thing.

When they are sleeping, you may ask for a small area of the bed to sleep. When they are hungry, you have to feed them first even if you are starved. When they are attacking so-called air enemies, you better get out of the way. When they stay closed with you, remember that they are kind to warm you up.

Humans, you are in catdom. RECIZTANS IZ FUTAI!