From now on, I might have different feeling about Adobe. They, finally, released the first 64 Bit Flash for Linux only, yet. I have to say, this is first time that I can feel something from non-open-source software.

Its an alpha release, I wont try it out. Unless, it is included in repository.

No matter how this 64 Bit works, I want to say: Thank you, Adobe, you did a good job!


Here is a blog post from Adobe1.

Updated: Cant believe that I broke my word so soon. I have tried it out, it works normally on Fedora 9 so far. Here is the steps I did:

  • Remove 32 Bit: yum remove flash-plugin.i386, Note that there still is the libflashsupport.{i386,x86_64} on my system.
  • Download and unpack to ~/.mozilla/plugins.
  • Navigate to about:plugins to check if it is installed correctly, it shows as Shockwave Flash 10.0 d20.
  • Watch a YouTube video?

Obituary Notice: On November 17, 2008, a cloudy Monday morning, nspluginwrapper died in action of Flash 64 Bit Alpha releasing. nspluginwrapper was the well-known process who supports 32 Bit plugins to be run in 64 Bit Firefox web browser.

Updated2: I noticed that microphone is working.

[1] is gone.