This is an overdue post, or maybe I just didnt believe anyone else would be interested in reading what I have done to this blog in the last few months. Probably just a summary for myself.

1   Responsive for mobile friendliness

I was never a fan of using mobile device to browse Internet. Needless to say, for a very long time, the mobile visitors always get the same version of desktop, which probably hard to read anything.

This February, Google started to encourage making websites mobile friendly. I didnt care for it, two months later, out of extreme boredom, finally, I took care of the matter, making this blog pass Googles test.

1.1   Just YJL side-menu

Dropped --verbose from blog title and changed the description, I moved the title and navigation to left side since last year. Feeling there is no need to have big text telling this blogs name, the post titles are the important things.

Over a few months, I tweaked it here and there, making the descriptions of navigation links only shows when hover the buttons. Also adding a direct search box.

1.2   Styles

Along with this mobile friendly business, I changed the style heavily, mostly to keep them more simpler. I also added Microdata.

2   PageSpeed and W3C Validator

PageSpeed gives me 90+ score, and I fixed all the errors that made by me for W3C validator, the remaining errors are by Blogger, which I could not fix.

2.1   Go jQuery-less

If I recall correctly, jQuery is a library around 80-90 KB, it is not small by any means. For a very long time, I always wanted to remove it from this blog, not permanent, just dont load it by default.

In the final result, I can use load$(callback) to load jQuery. This way, I can easily make existing posts that requires jQuery still work properly.

2.2   No more stats

Google Analytics was removed. Sometimes, having stats is a big burden. Besides, Google Analytics has become a very complex system. Seeing the number is nice, but I feel its doing more than harm to my mental health.

3   One subscription

Google+, Facebook, and Twitter were removed. At the time, I thought its good idea to provide options, but I just dont like them. Keep it simple, feed is.

3.1   +1 no more

For two years, strange +1 had been bothering me, every post automatically got +1d, never really found the cause. After removing the Google+ page, the +1s were all disappeared at once.

3.2   Ultimate YJL is going away

Ultimate YJL is built with Yahoo! Pipes, a great tool, unfortunately, its going to end on September 30th 2015.

I dont plan on remaking it by coding myself, when Pipes is gone, so is Ultimate YJL.

3.2.1   Ultimate YJL is not going away

On 2015-08-21, Ive coded a replacement with Google App Engine, Ultimate YJL Feed stays.