Nearly two months ago, I told myself and everyone who reads this blog, Ultimate YJL is going away and Id not write a replacement. I was going to let it die as Yahoo! Pipes does.

Well, I just code a replacement with Google App Engine. It probably takes me about six hours, just to finish it, five feeds into one RSS feed.

The process isnt fast, especially the Universal Feed Parser takes its time to parse. Ive to admit that I dont approve of this code, its lazy by design. It parses each feed, extract items, fix stuff, then merge and sort. Dump it out and save in Memcache.

It saves the RSS feed, and only that. So when the cache expires every three hours, it does all again, there is no background to fetch and parse the feeds. It will be slow when you are the first to see an updated feed directly from source, but it would be fine since I use FeedBurner.

By the way, you probably are seeing a ton of old entries showing up again in your feed reader, sorry about that, but there is nothing much I can do about, even I can, I wont. It should be fine after one update.