It must be already more than a year since I started slowing down from weekly update to monthly, never a problem or any difficulties, weekly updating is just wasting time.

From my memory, every time I did it, its about less than 20 packages that were pulled for updating, I think its more around between 10 and 15 packages, and thats for world1, which I usually dont actually update using world set, I just handpicked the packages unless old versions are pushed out of tree or there is a GLSA on the package.

I dont run glsa-check anymore, but subscribe to the official feed, and make a note if the severity isnt high when a new advisory is posted.

Normally, the process goes like:

sudo eix-sync
emerge -pvuDt world
emerge -pvuDt system
emerge -pvuDt1 [handpicked packages]
emerge -quD1 [handpicked packages]

Since Git sync is available, its even faster, though I never wait on the syncing, I just let it run and come back later.

When I read the output, I only check if there is USE flags changes on the packages that I intend to update, before I let them update.

If there is an installed kernel version being pushed out, then I emerge the latest stable version. I dont emerge new versions when they become stable, and I only keep one stable. I also have some scripts to help me install, backup/restore, even commit the .config for records.

After all these are done, I will make sure no outdated stuff are left in Portage:

EIX_LIMIT=0 eix-test-obsolete

Mostly, I just make sure that I dont have versions are no longer in Portage tree, that is one with [D] mark. And yes, eix is a great tool to have, especially if you are looking for a package.

How long does all these take me? I dont really know, but when I was doing weekly update, its about 812 seconds. Roughly 4 times less frequent now, so it probably would be 203 seconds, that is 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

But that is merging time, the computer does the work. If I were to guess, I would say its less of a minute for me to read, decide, and issue the commands.

[1]As of writing, there is only 7 packages in the file. Keep it clean and simple.