About one month ago, I had this idea of making a feed which collects all my activities from different websites I actually use. Ultimate YJL, this is what I call it. It was built with Yahoo! Pipes, now with Google App Engine.


The switch from Yahoo! Pipes to Google App Engine was done on 2015-08-21. (2015-08-21T06:01:41Z)

I am not so sure this feed would be helpful or anyone would actually want to subscribe to it. Ive added it to yjl.im, it looks proper to be there. It may seem a little over-kill, but if I can make one, why not? Right?

1   Included feeds

2   Missing feeds

I list the missing ones and hopefully these websites would provide the feeds in the future.

Bitbucket doesnt provide any public feed of a user, at least I cant see any from its new webpage. I think there was one in the older page, not really sure. I have thought about using private feed and filter out the private parts, but that really sounds like a dangerous idea. And yes, Bitbucket has provided API, but it takes a lot of work to piece together a comprehensive feed for all activities of a user on Bitbucket. Just look at GitHubs feed, one feed, period.