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Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is a prequel to Battlestar Galactica and is being broadcast on Machinima Prime channel as 10 web episodes.

The story is about the young William Adama who is fresh out of academy and eager to pilot a viper and to kill enemies. But things doesnt turn out to be what he expects.

I am not a big fan of Battlestar Galactica and its previous prequel Caprica, which I only watched the pilot episode. The story, style, and elements arent very interesting to me, especially the involving of religion part. But I know its a great show, at least Battlestar Galactica is, because I have watched the last season and I like its ending.

I just watched first two episodes of Blood and Chrome, its not bad. I certainly will continue watching the last of episodes. Its the only space sci-fi still alive, you got to watch what you still have.

Interesting post, NASA discovers portals.

In the end of the post, it says:

However, theres no doubt that this is a pretty cool announcement. Just not one that we can use to get to Tatooine or the Delta Quadrant.

Recently, I re-watched The Omega Directive episode of Star Trek: Voyager again. I probably have watched the series at least three or four times. I can tell you this, no one wants a portal to Delta Quadrant, because Borg is there! And more formidable enemy, Species 8472 by Borgs designation, even Borg fears them. I think we need Captain Janeway, the old one.

Sigh, why is there no more Star Trek series? Dont understand why people lose interest of space sci-fi, but not those nothing-is-real-but-scripted-reality-shows. If you want reality, go out; need some drama? look around, plenty.

Just happened to notice that today is 2/11/2011 when I was adding an update to one of my posts. So here is a post about random things, I currently have in mind. Or I have been messing up with those.

Do you ever feel yourself inconsistent?

One moment before, you are so determined to make something happen, then you abandon the determination. One day before, you believe in something, then you question it. One month before, you are happy with the color of your, uhm, pants (?), then you think you shouldn't wear jeans. Heck, it's not even about the colors. One year before, you are content with how you did things, then you change every way you used to do.

You write in a blue notebook, then write to another smaller and black one, then you go back to take notes with first one. You split your notes into different notebooks because you want to have better organization, then merge everything back to only one because it's too many to handle.

The philosophy, the principle, the rule, the method, the atom, the everything, you change them constantly and they never seem okay to you. They are in extreme risk, any of them could be replaced anytime you want or you don't want. Any of them could be revised at any moment you are struck by a new idea wherever they come from, originally from your mind or you adopt (steal is another way to describe) from others.

They just can't be steady because of you.
They have to be changed, they must be, because of you
They don't want to be replaced and you don't want to do that, either, do you? Still because of you.

So, you are the problem.

* * *

Sometimes, I wish I could live in the future. The time and place you don't need to open a door, it will open automatically for you unless your ship is attacked and the control panel is fried, then you will have to open it manually. Everyone in that ship is either dead or captured by disgusting green fluid covered monster alien. Gone to far?

The era is technologically advanced and so is the culture.

A mind probing device can interpret your brain wave, whatever alpha, beta, ..., it can translate your thought, the imaginary scene in your mind. Is it a room? Dark, bright? How does sun shine the room? Can you see the dust floating? Can you smell the morning sunshine? Is it quiet at the backyard? Or can you hear kids playing in the street?

Every detail you are imagining, every feeling you want to experience, this device can discern and translate all of them into the program which can be loaded into holodeck. You can relive them, well, re-experience them in totally different light (funny, photon). You can adjust any detail, adding or deleting. You don't even need to say the command, you just think what you want.

If you don't have artistic talent, you can think you want something more or different, then you will have options to choose. You want a cup of coffee to taste like Monday morning (sad, you still need to work), you might be given a cup of bitter coffee, less cream, an awful cup literally. The cup isn't a coffee cup or a mug, it's a small bowl and broken, you are given that because you have piled up dirty dishes in the sink. Though this is not a good proper option, but that's how the device works.

You think you want to walk in park. That's all you can think of. The device adds a lake, a trail, some joggers, a loving couple is pushing a stroller with a lovely baby, who is waving at you. You can hear bird chirping, you can see the reflection on the water and people row the boats. People have picnics on the vivid green lawn, laughing, enjoying.


you feel you hate this! Because you are not happy after you sober up and recall that you get fired yesterday. Yes, that's Sunday. You get informed via Futwitter. It isn't a formal notification, it's a futweet, reads "ur fired."

The device immediately adds a giant snake, which emerges from the lake, then eats everyone.

* * *

Have you ever seen this ᑕᓯᓗᓕᐊᕆᐊ (tasiluliaria) Road to Nowhere sign?

It's introduced, well just a view pan only to sum up, in Billy Connolly's Journey to the Edge of the World.

When I first saw this Inuktitut text, I thought am I watching a Sci-fi show? The text looks like so alien to me. Maybe this sign is brought by my Jack O'Neill? (It's O'Neill, with two L's!)

Anyway, I should put it (seeing this sign) into my bucket list. Wait! I don't have that.

* * *

Since this year is '11, have you ever wanted to catch this moment, 11:11:11 11/11/11?

Silly? If you miss this time, you will have to wait for another 100 years. Hold on, you can't and you don't, because 2012 is coming up next.

* * *

I think Writing is like Cooking. If you put too many ingredients, that won't enrich your dish. If you add too many spices or seasonings, that will only ruin the taste. Balance is the key. Not too much, nor too little.

And the method is critical, what goes in first for how long and what heat. You could burn a meal, or make a gourmet dish, just like you can write a masterpiece or a garbage.

* * *

I hate how people use transliteration. It has "trans" but it's not as in translation at all.

For example, people post "Jiaozi (Chinese Dumplings)" as the post title. Why not just use "Chinese Dumpling" or always put original words "餃子" or "饺子" on.

I beg you not to only use transliteration. In fact, I don't want you to use transliteration unless there isn't a meaningful/understandable translation. The problem of using transliteration, in this case, is Jiaozi could be represented dumplings in different cuisines over the Southeastern Asia. You may argue that Jiaozi is Chinese Pinyin, the problem is they could be missed by others. As well as Gyoza. They all are messed up into one a big ugly dark anti-matter. Isn't "Chinese Dumpling" crystal clear?

Yes, you can read (Latin) letter by letter, but if you have never learned how to pronounce the transliteration of the language, you still can not pronounce it correctly. And, most of people just can't, there is no luck in it, there is no such thing you happen to speak transliteration correctly.

So, please don't write transliteration only. In fact, just write the translation. Writing "Chinese Dumplings" wouldn't make this dumpling less Chinese, writing "Jiaozi" wouldn't make this dumpling more Chinese.

* * *

Some idea about coding I had:

Button to record when I wake up and go to sleep
Text-to-generated-image to upload to Flickr as like a tweet from CLI
Nudge the author button for blog. If the blogger gets too lazy, reader can press that button.
Gadget to showing my memorable words/quotes.
System monitoring dashboard in Vimperator.
Feeding gcal (GNU cal) with gcal (Google Calendar) data.
Google Code Issues analyzer.
Can I do Cheese + Noodle using OOP (in Python)? And output a Recipe?
Studying decryption of OO.o, so I can write a script to search in encrypted documents.
Vimlastyt = Vimperator + scrobbler + YouTube.
Pagination on the fly JavaScript.
Table of Contents JavaScript.
Blogger XML Backup file viewer.
Revamp my g directory switcher script.
Falling hearts in X.
A StackWhatever tracker using urwid., using urwid as TUI.

* * *

Well, I think I have dump enough smelling garbage.

See you at next dumpster!

Greatly disappointing... I want to say this film is completely for some fans. As you can see, they let Mulder and Scully be together. Is that a good arrangement? or I should yell finally? Did you notice the strange cast listing and the very end scene? rowing a boat? I can't get it... really can't.

I was a fan of The X Files, but I didn't watch every episode. Honestly, I don't remember much of the story. It's a movie, but it's actually worse than being a mini-episode. IMDb rating 6.0 is way too kind.

I Want to Believe that is The X Files!