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I accidentally found this Commit Message Generator while I was trying to find a guideline for writing commit message which I had read long time ago. It is an open source hosted on GitHub and you can read all funny commit messages at once. I am not really sure if those messages are real or not, some really look like just made-ups.

This website actually inspires me of an idea. GitHub has an API to retrieve specific commit's metadata, other hosting providers' API probably can do the same or just scrape via HTTP interface of version control system. What if you can submit a URL of a commit on GitHub to an application, so you can have real cases which you can actually access to original repository.

You can up vote or down vote of a commit message, isn't that great? Anyone up to creating one of such website or is there already one around?

2011-02-28--20:46:39Yesterday, I made these in text file with Unicode Box-drawing characters. I like the last two styles, so I finished a full set.

A set of clocks in terminal, how cool is that?

I don't know but I don't really need to know when people get up around the world. So, this is just an idea, I didn't start writing this program. I have also tried to find some programs but I didn't find a world clock program which I visualized. But I found this question on StackOverflow, which have some commands that list clocks. They are simple clock, just print out the time.

I think with colors for day and night, it will be a nice way to tell A.M. or P.M. Also colors in location text can indicate time ahead or behind the current local time.

Another idea is flip clock. Yes, flip clock in terminal, I believe is doable. I have written a Chrome Extension, which also works on Firefox. You can see the main file, use Space or 2 to switch mode, or double-click on clock.

I think it's possible to emulate with 256-color, maybe that would already work in 16-color? Making a bigger clock text with boxes, I truly believe it will look like flipping.

Anyway, they are just ideas. I am not gonna implement them, because I know I won't be a user of them. But if you want to have them, you really need such program, please let me know. I will finish for you.

If you know any programs already do what I described, leave me a link, I would like to check them out. If you want to ask why not just use web app or GUI program? Why? Let me tell you this "The answer is simple, because we can make it."

Where I really want to have these fonts is in tmux clock mode.

I don't have a brilliant brain like Einstein's, but I think this idea is great, an intro clip.

Like TV shows, many YouTube publishers put an intro clip in every video they make. I just watched an intro clip of 30+ seconds of a ~6 minutes video. That video was a recommendation and I had watched same intro before, didn't subscribe to that channel.

That's about 8% of the video size and it's a significant waste in current development of Internet. It's significant because they can reduce it easily.

Such thing has already existed, but in reverse direction, the video ads is an example. Some video streaming websites show you an ad before the video you request, you have to watch it.

If YouTube adds a new field, which allows publisher to choose one as intro clip. The player will play intro clip first, then the main video. Viewer can decide if they want to skip intro.

Of course, there are some new settings. You can always skip intros, or always show intros, etc. Even you decide to show intros every time, as long as the intro clip in cache, you don't need to waste more bandwidth to transfer same content again and again.

It's not all about bandwidth, I just simply want to get into the point, mostly.

But, as usual, wgasa to my idea?

From today, I started to try a new approach in order to stay in motivation every day. You probably have heard of PAD, Photo a Day. Some people convert it into a 365/6 Project whose goal is to take a photo each day in a year. It's a way to show and exercise your willpower, I suppose and I don't dare to start mine.

I transformed PAD into TAD. TAD is simple, all you need to is picking up a task from your list and do it your best in a day. Don't be distracted, only focus on it, and just do it. Once finishing the task, you are free for the rest of the day.

Obviously, tasks must be small, not too complicated; or you wouldn't be possible to accomplish within one day. Actually, somewhat, this sounds like GTD, the differences are one task done required and you don't need to start from top of the list. TAD is definitely only for keeping personal interests. If you apply it on your career, you better to pack up now. :)

Here is my tasks list. Will this work?