I don't have a brilliant brain like Einstein's, but I think this idea is great, an intro clip.

Like TV shows, many YouTube publishers put an intro clip in every video they make. I just watched an intro clip of 30+ seconds of a ~6 minutes video. That video was a recommendation and I had watched same intro before, didn't subscribe to that channel.

That's about 8% of the video size and it's a significant waste in current development of Internet. It's significant because they can reduce it easily.

Such thing has already existed, but in reverse direction, the video ads is an example. Some video streaming websites show you an ad before the video you request, you have to watch it.

If YouTube adds a new field, which allows publisher to choose one as intro clip. The player will play intro clip first, then the main video. Viewer can decide if they want to skip intro.

Of course, there are some new settings. You can always skip intros, or always show intros, etc. Even you decide to show intros every time, as long as the intro clip in cache, you don't need to waste more bandwidth to transfer same content again and again.

It's not all about bandwidth, I just simply want to get into the point, mostly.

But, as usual, wgasa to my idea?