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I changed the background color and add a random scariest tux icon on this blog for Halloween. (Any for Tuz?)

If you like the icon, you can put on your website by adding:
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Happy Halloween!

Note to myself: old background color code is #072a60.

This is my new blog for exclusively writing about GNU/Linux  more precisely the Fedora distribution since I use Fedora day by day. My first working distribution is Fedora Core 2 or 3, then I left animal planet for a while. I was back on Fedora Core 6. I have used Arch Linux and Ubuntu for months, but they didn't taste good. I think Fedora is right distribution for me, even though I still have some complaints about it.

Anyway, because of Fedora, I named this blog with it. But, the posts on this blog will not only be for Fedora, they are suitable to other distributions in some degree. I will post things caught my eyes, so this blog is not a comprehensive blog for GNU/Linux or Fedora. This is a personal blog with own notes and experiences.

About the header image, I use this Tux and this Fedora. You can download the final GIMP format file.

Hope you would like this blog and give me some comments!