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CPat is a Patience suite game, including 11 solitaire games:

FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, 40 Thieves, Bakers Dozen, Scorpion, Penguin, Yukon, Strategy, Canfield, Duchess.

(Watch this video for other screens and a bit of playing)

Since its all-in-one, you can have a unified controls, its all the same way to move a card, put into foundations, and so on. It also has help and rule screens to help you understand the card game.

There is also game statistics and high scores to keep records. There is one useful command-line option, -f, to speed up auto-moves, that is when you using free cells to move a stack of cards, it will move one by one to show the movements, but the default speed is too slow. -f can be used for multiple times, for example, -fff.

When move to the foundations, #pp or P will really be helpful since it doesnt do like some implementations will automatically move to the foundations for you, such as freecell.

CPat was created by Trevor Carey-Smith on 2006-02-16 (v0.1), based on Steve Levines code, written in C with ncurses, currently version 1.2.1 (2008-09-16).

This is my new blog for exclusively writing about GNU/Linux  more precisely the Fedora distribution since I use Fedora day by day. My first working distribution is Fedora Core 2 or 3, then I left animal planet for a while. I was back on Fedora Core 6. I have used Arch Linux and Ubuntu for months, but they didn't taste good. I think Fedora is right distribution for me, even though I still have some complaints about it.

Anyway, because of Fedora, I named this blog with it. But, the posts on this blog will not only be for Fedora, they are suitable to other distributions in some degree. I will post things caught my eyes, so this blog is not a comprehensive blog for GNU/Linux or Fedora. This is a personal blog with own notes and experiences.

About the header image, I use this Tux and this Fedora. You can download the final GIMP format file.

Hope you would like this blog and give me some comments!