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tl;dr I found this insulting.

First of all, when the review option was given, the system should have trusted me. Now seeing this and getting tested, probably three or more times today, I smell the distrusting hint and it's not a pleasant feeling.

This was only a test, designed to make sure you were paying attention. This post has already been removed, but if it hadn't[,] your response would have helped to ensure that it was. Thanks!

This was happened when I clicked on flag button on this already deleted answer. At first. I thought there was a glitch because the in-page popup didn't show up, then I saw the message.

No arguments from me that some reviewers do up-vote without reading carefully. I can see the real-time updating on votes when I am reviewing, some votes were questionable. The only reason I could think of, yet ridiculous to me, is some reviews want the Reviewer badge, so they don't care what they do.

More than 9 out of 10, I hit skip unless I recognize for sure, it's a bad answer like the one above. When the question is about something I am not familiar with, I hit skip unless there is something I can edit, like many typos.

If you have read some questions posted by people with less than, say, 20 reputations, most likely you will read a bad one. The quality of the questions usually are just poor, not only the question itself but also the formatting of the question. People don't spend time to write their question. Clearly, the post wouldn't look right when preview already shows, but they submit the question anyway.

Don't know how to put code in code block, don't even capitalize I, or the typical its and it's. They probably think Stack Overflow is a cheap way to get answer, just dump and wait for a quick answer, some idiots will read their question and fix their code for them.

There are indeed good questions, only very rare. I have read few well-written and quite insightful, and if you try to dig for a solution or read others' answers.

Fixing bad reviewers isn't gonna to change much, you have to do from sources, that is who post poor questions and/or answers. It's too easy to ask or to answer, just see how many user##### are on Stack Overflow.

There shouldn't be so many questions, some should be posted on other Stack Exchange sites, some only require searching and reading a few pages. There were times, I wanted to ask the posters: "Have you tried to google your question first?"

Some, well, whoever posted them, they should go back to read the tutorials and learn some basic debugging skills. I have commented on a question about parsing XML, but the poster couldn't figure out string decoding and encoding, and that was a Django application. How on Earth these people get far into web development in the first place when they don't even understand str.decode? After I helped solved the problem via comments, the poster offered to pick my answer if I add an answer. I didn't answer that. It's a bad question and should have been deleted, there is no value of it. I shouldn't have helped kindly.

Back to reviewing quality, I would say who don't review with care, they probably are the ones who ask poor questions or give bad answers. At least, that's what I think and that's why I found this test insulting.

Stackoverflow had been down for about an hours, now it's back but still not functioning. I was bored, then I noticed the address, you can see at the bottom of the screenshot:

So? Windows? or via Mono on Unix-like system? (I have no idea if Mono can do that or not)

Well, actually it doesn't matter.

Hurry come back, Stackoverflow! Stop being overflow! :D

(Right after posted, it now says "Stack Overflow is currently offline for maintenance")

No, this is not about using position: fixed by default. Take a look at this page as example, scroll down, and see the top-left. Notice the issue metadata stick on top? As far as I know there is no pure CSS for this task, it uses onscroll to do the job.

Here is the source code and you can play with jsFiddle, try the auto-scroll button.

I didnt invent this, the original code is from an answer1 on Stack Overflow, and that seems to be from Stack Overflows code, but with a few of my own modifications. The code requires jQuery.

The #sticky-anchor is the most important part, it does two things: