freecell is a clone of FreeCell.

You can choose the game by specifying the number in command-line argument. The controls use A to H for eight cascades, and W to Z for four open cells. You can move a stack between cascades by preceding the source cascade with the number of cards first.

There is also an option, --suites, for changing the suite symbols, I tried the Playing Cards in Unicode, that doesnt work. Guess, thats asking too much.

It keeps the moves you take, but it doesnt keep records after each game. You can also undo the moves whenever you feel you make a mistake, the number of undoes is kept next to moves at the bottom right of screen.

I remember this game from Windows 95, the very first time I have played it, but I barely did. Instead, Solitaire for the most of time when I felt bored.

In fact, I played Solitaire on Windows 3.0 with my friends computer along with Reversi like this clone for terminal. The time before we still used actual cards to play Solitaire or Sevens. I probably got used to it more than FreeCell.

I learned this rules again, for the first few plays, I kept getting stuck but now, a few games in a row, I can solve them, although the moves I took must not be the quickest and occasionally I had to use undo.

freecell was created by Linus Åkesson in 2007, written in C with ncurses under the GPLv2, currently version 1.0 (2007-09-26).