Original Paint

I am a GIMP user, wouldn't try Paint or Paint-like before. I read a tweet today about this, so I give it a try.

First of all, let me quote this:

Original is the best -- Yu-Jie Lin.

Yes, I couldn't agree with this any more because that is said by me. Anyway, if you are the MS Paint fan, then run it with WINE. I have done this, the steps is quite easy:
  1. Installing WINE
  2. Copy paint.exe and mfc42u.dll from installed Windows system. Or, extract them from Windows Setup CD. You will need cabextract to uncompress the paint.ex_ and mfc42u.dl_ files.
  3. (Optional) Copy gdiplus.dll to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32. I don't see this on Windows Setup CD. If you don't have gdiplus.dll, then you can only save/load BMP format.
  4. Running paint.exe.
Here is the screenshot of my recent masterpiece :) created in MS Paint:

You can download this PNG image, I wonder if is anyone interested. I run Paint on WINE-1.1.5 and Fedora 9. The dlls are from Traditional Chinese Windows, the paint.exe is from Dell Windows Reinstalling Setup CD. Both are Windows XP. I extracted paint.exe from Setup CD because the Chinese characters can't be display, they all are displayed as blocks and I don't know how to fix that.

Paint-alternative on Linux

Here is a list of Paint-alternative applications on Linux, maybe they are not really like MS Paint. Just give them a try.
None of them I tried, so you are on your own to discover.

Lastly, when I searched for those alternatives, I found this testiminal video via this Uncyclopeida page:

Enjoy it!