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I had been using BashPad for more than a year since its firstly released. Today, I found one even better, Bashrun via this thread.

There are a few things really impress me:

  • It has separate configuration file (~/$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/bashrun/rc, usually under ~/.config/bashrun), BashPads configuration is tied with the script.
  • It has all features that BashPad has, I think.
  • You can do a lot more with HANDLERS
    • keyword<Ctrl+Alt+g>, search on Google for keyword, or you can gg:keyword.
    • ??foo, show you the man page of foo.
    • You can specify something like '^t gm()$' "$BROWSER ''", so t gm will bring you to Gmail. Its great way to add bookmarks of websites, I am using this instead of using Fluxbox menu.
    • These above are highly customizable, you can set up any special command you want.

I changed the default terminal to urxvtc and browser to chromium. I tried to use xdg-open at first, but it caused strange thing, xdg-open kept forking itself. May I didnt use it right at first, I was still experimenting.

I added new entry in ~/.fluxbox/apps, so Bashrun will be at center of screen and be on top and now window decoration:

[app] (title=bashrun)
  [Position]  (CENTER)        {0 0}
  [Deco]      {NONE}
  [Layer]     {2}

Using a bigger font in ~/.Xdefaults:

# Bashrun

bashrun*font: xft:Envy Code R:style=Bold Oblique:pixelsize=20

Keybindings in ~/.fluxbox/keys:

#Mod1 F2 :Exec RUNDIALOG=1 urxvtc -name bashrun
Mod1 F2 :Exec bashrun
Mod4 R :Exec bashrun

You dont need to (and cant, that will cause problem) specify the terminal because Bashrun will bring up the one you specify in configuration.

It works well on my Gentoo, even the developer is from Arch Linux.

If you have read my last few posts, then you should know I am trying to make my desktop look dark. I feel darkness somehow could look great if everything is set up well.

My Window Manager is Fluxbox, it took me few hours to adjust Fluxbox, Most of programs I use are GTK+, so I installed a dark theme Clearlooks ZenBurn for GTK+. But there is a problem for those programs, the icon theme. They usually have high contrast in dark background, but I didnt try to install a new one, or say I couldnt find a good one. However, thats still fine to me with many of them. As for QT apps, I decided not to touch them.

OpenOffice is the worst one under the dark theme, you could see by yourself. Firefox is okay, by the way, I also made a Vimperator colorscheme for it. Chromium is fine with this theme, there are one or two good dark theme which you can download from Google, but I would say just switch to GTK+ theme.

The most serious problem is the websites, only few websites provides theme and that doesnt mean you will get a theme working nice with darkness. I was thinking if I should develop one extension for Chrome, which can automatically adjust the colors, then I stumbled upon It has dark themes for most popular websites, and amazingly, with Chrome, you can install them as extension just for a few clicks. But they dont always work if the websites get updated.

As for terminal apps, that would be much better since they usually only use 16 colors and that you have full control of those colors. You can simply reduce the saturation or lightness of the colors, so to low the contrast. One app I know is using theme is Midnight Commander.

I dont have desktop image but pure plain color. The only thing I have on desktop is Conky. I changed the colors but it definitely wouldnt fit your taste.

The post title should have told you why this theme is named 3am.

I want a theme which is dark, very dark, so you can work while the light is off and the room is pretty dark. At 3am, you must be tired, any bright text would burn your eyes. Darkness, FTW!

3am is modified from bora_black, whose author wrote a nice guide, and there is a Fluxbox Style Guide on ArchLinux. If you want to create, those would be great to start.

1   Screenshots

2   Installation

mkdir -p ~/.fluxbox/styles
wget ";d=1" -O !$/3am

Select the 3am style from Fluxbox menu or edit your ~/.fluxbox/init (reconfig, or just log out/in):

session.styleFile:    /home/<USERNAME>/.fluxbox/styles/3am

My Gentoo updated xinit and X to 1.2.0-r3 and 1.6.5 (I am not sure if the change were made in them, the changes should be made around after 2009-12-08), then XDM didn't bring up fluxbox but the twm.

Here is a related post on Gentoo Forums. In simple words, XSESSION in rc.conf won't be working anymore. You have to do this, in case of fluxbox, as root:
echo "XSESSION=fluxbox" > /etc/env.d/90xsession

Once you click on shutdown in xsm and login again, it should be working.

PS. I have to reboot, one of my monitors didn't work after turning on using xrandr but fluxbox does.