After I made tmux and Fluxbox dark, now Vimperator goes dark, too.

This Vimperator is created for matching Clearlooks Zenburn GTK+ theme12.

Download the .vimp and put it into ~/.vimperator/colors/. You can preview it in Vimperator by entering :colorscheme <TAB>, you should be seeing it on the list. Add colorscheme vimPgray to your ~/.vimperatorrc. If you are not a Linux user, you need to find out where to put .vimp on your own.

The file is modified from the default scheme from here with quite a lot of changes and some additional explanation, but there are still some I have no idea where they would be applied.

[1]If you are using Windows, just find a nice dark Windows or Firefox theme to match this Vimperator theme.
[2]Download it and unpack it to ~/.themes, then use the switcher to use it