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There is an interesting post on Arch Linux about Unixness. It is intended to measure the degree of Unixness. The short version of explanation of Unixness is if there are more smaller executables in all executables, then the Unixness is a larger number.

A larger number is better (more smaller executables) by the OPs definition. For which, I cant agree or disagree. I would say its still depending on users behaviors and comfortableness for the programs, users normally do pay attention to the filesizes of executables they use.

Anyway, its fun and I am inspired to create the Gentoo USEness. It has similar way to measure the number of enabled USE flags. The less enabled, the higher number. You can not definitely say more enabled is worse or better, because it depends on what users need. The number only indicates the degree of USE flags enabled.

Beside the USEness, I also put in some numbers. This is the output on my system:

USE flags in total = 2707
The Gentoo USEness = 3.49927

Installed Packages = 826
Unstable  Packages = 3
Unstableness       = 0.363196%
Upgradab' Packages = 78
Upgradableness     = 9.443099%
Obsolete  Packages = 52
Obsoleteness       = 6.295400%

Again, this is just for fun, feel free to improve this. Also my Unixness is 7.87855.

Are you an Arch Linux user? Have you ever noticed something strange about Arch Linux? I didnt until I read this conversation on forums.

sand_man: Its a nipple.

Fingel: Damn you! Now I cant unsee it.

I tried to see that nipple in replies but I couldnt see one from any of those images until I scrolled the page to top and I saw:


Some things just cant be unseen or forgetten, think before you <del>nipple</del> move your mouse.

Hover Here to See the Nipple!

If this doesnt work, just go to Arch Linux and look at top-left corner of the page.

Now I cant unsee it, either. :D

Another interesting thread got me, I subscribed to the updates when it was just posted. I was wondering how they got someone to use Linux, especially the older. I had tried but I had no victims so far. ;p

The discussion went normally until post #17. In case the post or thread got removed. I saved a screenshot.

Thread of My mother now uses Arch Linux

Wtf? (Updated: that post got moderated)

This thread is getting more interesting... The OP replied something:
... I know that when I get older and get married, I'm going to be running a Linux house. It may seem horrible of me, but I couldn't marry a Windows user. I'd compromise with OS X, probably, if that's what my wife really prefers. It's that important to me...

A week ago, I re-installed Arch Linux on my one of my computers. At that time, I decided to use GNOME as usual. But I changed my mind, why not have another Desktop Environment? Then, I installed KDE4.

It's just as if you run QT applications in GNOME, it must be ugly if you do nothing. You would see ugly GTK applications in KDE, too. Here is steps to prettify by changing themes:

  1. pacman -S gtk-qt-engine
  2. systemsettings/Appearance/GTK Styles and Fonts/Use my KDE style in GTK applications.
  3. Re-log in.
Matching the themes
  1. pacman -S qtcurve-kde4 qtcurve-gtk2 gtk-chtheme
  2. For QT applications: systemsettings/Appearance/Style/Choose QtCurve
  3. For GTK applications: gtk-chtheme/Choose QtCurve