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I have told myself not to try any more new release of any distro if I am not going to use it which I know I won't. But I still couldn't stop myself downloading one if I see a new release on DistroWatch.

I downloaded Kubuntu instead of Ubuntu because I wanted to try KDE 4.5 as I had tried before, didn't go well last time.

It's pretty same story this time, I had to disable modeset. The installer looked very pretty, but it tried to download files from Internet even it has detected no connection from that machine. So I had to go into the Live CD to enable PPPoE connection.

Once again, the same old story, those network manager never works. I added a new DSL account but there is nowhere I could click to bring that connection up. I ended up with pppoeconf, commandline tools are always more reliable.

The installation ran well for the rest. After rebooted, still with nomodeset, I got into the KDE4.5. And I have to do pppoeconf again, the installer didn't save the configuration. I wasn't surprised.

After I brought up DSL connection, I ran package manager do a system update. There really is nothing much to say about a new release, they are the same somewhat. Similar way to do this and that, nothing really new under the sun.

It's just another update of Ubuntu. Debian-based, Ubuntu-based, Fedora-based, etc.... same and same.

An advise to myself: Do not try any more.

A week ago, I re-installed Arch Linux on my one of my computers. At that time, I decided to use GNOME as usual. But I changed my mind, why not have another Desktop Environment? Then, I installed KDE4.

It's just as if you run QT applications in GNOME, it must be ugly if you do nothing. You would see ugly GTK applications in KDE, too. Here is steps to prettify by changing themes:

  1. pacman -S gtk-qt-engine
  2. systemsettings/Appearance/GTK Styles and Fonts/Use my KDE style in GTK applications.
  3. Re-log in.
Matching the themes
  1. pacman -S qtcurve-kde4 qtcurve-gtk2 gtk-chtheme
  2. For QT applications: systemsettings/Appearance/Style/Choose QtCurve
  3. For GTK applications: gtk-chtheme/Choose QtCurve