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awkaster is a pseudo 3D action shooter game, its not really real-time, because it steps upon each keystroke, which is basically is the clock of the game.

Click to watch full map played

You have 100HP and a gun, your goal is to reach the elevator, which arrives in 1,000 moves. Once you get there and take it, you win the game. You can move with WASD with J/L for turning and Space to fire your weapon to kill red ball enemies. Limitless bullets, but one at a time.

There is four color modes, plain ASCII and/or with colors.

awkaster was created by Fedor Kalugin, written in GNU Awk with terminal size 128x49+ under the MIT License, currently git-016a1d4 (2016-01-17).

When I was a kid (around 10, almost 20 years ago, 90s), one day my father brought a IBM 5550. It had a program, which I totally have no idea whats the command name. You can draw a line on a plane, then it will generate a 3D image as follows.

I didnt know English at the moment, I doubt I could even spell English correctly. I wrote a similar version using JavaScript + HTML5 Canvas, I am not sure if its the same result, but it should be pretty close.

1   Play it!

Only test with Chromium 6.0 and Firefox 3.6, so please dont swear if it doesnt work for your favorite browser.

Hold Shift key and move mouse, or simply click, click, and click.

2   Your Masterpiece

Your creativity will be placed below, so you can save them if you like. Note: the image doesnt have background color actually.

3   Do you know it?

So, do you know the name of this command? The only things I could still remember are that computer ran MS-DOS, I think. And the monitor is a yellow monochrome CRT (Thats the reason I made the drawing yellow) It was an auction item, so the program probably was installed by the previous owner.

And do you know what you can call this kind of process?