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KOULES is a space action game, that you bump your enemies, the KOULES spheres, to death. Well, or the other way around.

Its an addictive game, you can play alone or with friends up to five for deathmatch or cooperative. For single player, it has 100 levels and 5 difficulty levels.

The game has 256-color mode in 640x480, monochrome, or black/white mode. It can also run a server and accept other players from clients. It can be played with keyboard, mouse, or joysticks.

The opening Star Wars crawl is interesting, so is the README and the official website. You may also want to read the Koules.FAQ.

KOULES was created by Jan Hubička in July, 1995, written in ANSI C with SVGAlib/X11, run on Unix-like or OS/2 Warp, under GPLv2, currently Debian version 1.4-23 (2015-05-02, post v1.4(1998-03-09)).

This afternoon, I spent two hours to clear up all the stuff from book shelves. Many of them are textbooks and a few other things that I couldnt even remember after I just removed them few hours ago.

Just junks setting on shelves collecting dust.

Its quite a shame that I never got to possess those knowledge, I might learn a tiny portion when I was a student, but now, most of what Id studied has all gone. Textbooks are expensive, but the money isnt the issue here, the true waste is I never tried to learn. I can still try, but I am just not interested in them.

What I have today were all learned after school, yes, C was taught, but its just very basic, I have to say the bar at school wasnt set high. Even before the school, I learned microprocessor assembly and the 90s web design on my own, HTML and JavaScript, the first version of .net. After school, I learned Python and all sorts of tools and libraries. Little more than ten years ago, I learned to work with Linux by myself, running my own server. It seems to me for application, its better to learn on your own with your own pace.

I remember I used to tell myself useless stuff is garbage, even for knowledge. If you have no uses of it, then its junk. I have a whole lot of them, stashed away.

By Choral Stimulation from The Naked Choir on BBC Two


This is not Sinéad OConnor, I decided to put this on because, there is no official video, unofficial videos kept getting deleted. After watching 20+ videos for replacement, mostly by singing European competition contestants, none was close to the original and a few of them even trying too hard.

So, I picked this one since its choir, if I am going to choose one not like the original.

Cant believe Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad OConnor has been more than two decades ago. I can even recall when I first heard of this song, but I know its familiar when I just listened a moment ago. And I remember this music video.

SotD stands for Song of the Day. I think I will start posting a song for a day when I listen to a song which I remember or has special something to share. Its not meant to be for everyday, only post when it happens.