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KOULES is a space action game, that you bump your enemies, the KOULES spheres, to death. Well, or the other way around.

Its an addictive game, you can play alone or with friends up to five for deathmatch or cooperative. For single player, it has 100 levels and 5 difficulty levels.

The game has 256-color mode in 640x480, monochrome, or black/white mode. It can also run a server and accept other players from clients. It can be played with keyboard, mouse, or joysticks.

The opening Star Wars crawl is interesting, so is the README and the official website. You may also want to read the Koules.FAQ.

KOULES was created by Jan Hubička in July, 1995, written in ANSI C with SVGAlib/X11, run on Unix-like or OS/2 Warp, under GPLv2, currently Debian version 1.4-23 (2015-05-02, post v1.4(1998-03-09)).

Pixel Knights provides your a virtual arena, you can have friends come in and fight.

The controls are WASD with IJKL for shooting bullets. You can eat ($) for points, chat with others. It is designed with client and server, so you will need to connect a server to play.

It has four map, the one above is default square map, there is also split, hall, and sniperArea. You can supply the map number when starting the server.

Pixel Knights was created by Markus Palonen on 2015-02-08, written in C (gnu99) under the MIT License, currently git-1064d62i (2016-01-21).