I was watching The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation Italy while eating my freshly-baked-and-still-warm bread with a cup of black coffee. You got to watch a show with proper food, don't you think so?

The show was concluding with Volare in background, I believed the performer is Gipsy Kings not Luciano Pavarotti as listed on BBC website, really no way that could be Pavarotti. I have listened to this song before and I am now sure it's Gipsy Kings' cover version, never tried to find out who sings it. You know your body want to move with the music when you hear the beats.

Don't know if it was because of Italian, the cameraman in the episode also focused on females, candid shots, so to speak. Zooming in, focus transitioning from the cake, which Bikers were still making, to a female sitting on chair reading, quite funny.

By the way, I don't speak Italian, don't even know what the song title means.