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It's true and that's not my words!

I was writing a post and noticing "noobs" was marked by spelling checker:

I am not sure if Firefox has built-in spelling checker or it is using the spelling checking libraries on my system and/or the word files. Didn't bother to check it up.

Funny thing is the definition of boob I know was only known after 20 years when boob was defined as a stupid awkward person in 1907 originally. Now I know the original definition, would I use it for that? Heck, no, unless I want to be punched in the face.

It can also be used as a verb and there is also a few derivations, such as booby or boobily. Words are interesting sometimes. You are booby! Why did you do boobily? Well, doesn't sound right.

If Blogger's spelling checker also suggested the same, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, it didn't:

Yep, I am just bored. Maybe we should start a movement to give boob back its original definition?

I just watched this dangerous video: (Be warned: Brace yourself!)

Fox In Sucks read by Xin Yao

I have no idea what this story is about. All I heard was fox, fox, and fox.

Anyway, I couldnt stop to wonder what words are said most, so I googled for a text version to do a simple check:


The project is dead and some links have been removed. (2015-12-08T01:15:53Z)

Its a code I wrote more than two years ago, my first Google App Engine project. I didnt maintain it after a few months. Now, I have revived it and gave it a new face, those the code is still !#$%^.

Its kind of game. You get one word, then you enter another to create a link. You get another new word, then you just keep doing same thing, whatever the word pops up after you read the word you are going to link with, you type. I dont know what this app could achieve, its silly, without solid purpose. Just for fun, I guess.

Go to play next -> word.

Hooray! I am using Microsoft Word!

Here is how I install:
- Download the Microsoft Word.
- Move or unpack the package to ~/Desktop/word_package/ with your Archive Manager, that package is a PKZIP+SFX. If your Archive Manager can't unpack it, you can run it in DosBox to unpack.
- Install DosBox. If you are using Fedora, you can install by yum install dosbox.
- Run DosBox.
- You need to mount your ~/Desktop, please run: mount c ~/Desktop
- Switch to C Drive: c:
- Enter the directory: cd word_package
- If you haven't unpacked it, you can run the Wd55_ben.exe (No ./, it's DOS!)
- Then run setup.exe and follow the instruction on screen. I didn't update any system things while installation. If your arrow keys do not work, please read the next; if they do work, skip next.
- On Fedora 10 or Ubuntu 8.10 (maybe some others), you need to create an configuration file for keycode issue. Use your favorite editor to create ~/.dosboxrc with:
- After you done installation, the Word should be at C:\WORD. Switch to it cd C:\WORD and run word.
I got the link via CLICK and read the resolution of keycode issue in this thread.
This post is written in Microsoft Word 5.5 with DosBox on Fedora 10, saved as RTF, uploaded to Google Docs, then copy-and-paste to Blogspot. However, some styles are applied on Google Docs for readability.

You can download the original DOC and RTF.