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Keep Calm and Sync Again Wallpaper Dark   Keep Calm and Sync Again Poster Dark

Keep Calm and Sync Again Wallpaper   Keep Calm and Sync Again Poster

Keep Calm and Sync Again Wallpaper Gradient   Keep Calm and Sync Again Poster Gradient

You know what it is, you can download the images on Bitbucket. I didnt notice how bad looking that gradient in wallpaper form is, the poster with gradient looks fine. Dont know why I made these wallpapers and posters, even I dont use wallpaper and have no artistic genes. Last time, I made sketch-like wallpapers. I love embarrassing myself.

I saw there was a Google+ post via a post on Arch Linux forums, someone made a wallpaper for Ubuntu, which reads:


I feel its lack of something, directly saying RUN ubuntu seems a bit of too tasteless or plain. Things like making a parody of Keep Calm and Carry On, you need to enrich it or spice it up if you will.

You must have a twist or a point makes viewer think before they get the idea, or it can easily be read as a joke. But RUN ubuntu is nothing like those.

I thought about what I would write for Gentoo Linux, then I made these. SYNC AGAIN doesnt mean something bad about Gentoo, hope you dont misinterpret it. If you are not a Gentoo user, then you probably dont even know what SYNC means here, its like updating your binary-base package managers database.

Still dont get it, go download Gentoo and try it out! Who would know? Maybe you will fall for the Magical Mighty Purple Power!

(I think I just coined something, MMPP, M2P2, M2P2, double-M-double-P, dMdP, DMDP)