After the Google+ project, today we are happily announcing Blogger-! See the sneak preview of first feature below:

-Views: it means even more than 939,291,924

Every Blogger blogger will have exciting statistics for your posts, that is the view count you could never have before, -1!

-Comments: a better way to manage your comments

No more spams when you enable this new feature. And the comment box will be automatically disappeared from your blog, isn't that sweet?

-Square: shape your thoughts, with people matter less

A new place allows you to post thoughts in a newly designed square style page. Am innovative idea from our developers, we make page square, you shape your thought.

-Voids: creating an emptiness in discussion when you need it

This will help you a lot when your posts attract too much attention. By turning on it, you can ensure no more unnecessary attentions. Best of all, it's by post basis.

-Hangovers: beer/boozes delivery in 15 mins, delivery guarantee!

Feel frustration of blogging? Unsatisfied? Need to get wasted temporarily? You can even purchase best hangover solutions with small additional fee. Yes, we care about you!

-Immobility: limiting where you can blog and when!

Get addicted to blogging? Interfering your daily work?

Don't worry, your boss will not see you logging on Blogger with this feature on. You will be completely blocked from your account depending on your location and the time.

-You: personal opinion filter

The new editor will provide a new feature to filter out your personal opinions just as the spelling checker does, it even suggests better wording. You will become a part of our collective!

-+-+-: mpmpm

We have no idea what this feature is. Buy hey, you can have it!


Again we have no *beep* idea what this is.