Starting showering twice a day is the only thing I am happy with myself this summer. I used to shower at evening, but this summer something have inspired me, I should have done this before. Now I shower after and before sleep. After the before-sleeping shower, I also drink a small cup of warm tea to prepare my night. Those help me relax.

It makes me feel really good after the morning shower, my body would be completely awaken, fresh, and clean. A cup of coffee follows up, wow! it can't be better than that. I wish I could have done this when I was a student, I might have better performance at morning classes.

I also thought a shower/bathing was a minimum for personal hygiene, but some pages I read from googling they didn't say so. However, they didn't have references. Some else said it's okay if you feel necessary, and I did feel that way. I am not that kind of guy stays in bathroom longer ten minutes nor a neat freak.

There is one thing for sure, I use more water than before. At least, I didn't cause global warming anymore. I started to shower in cold water, I used to use hot water no matter how hot the day is. Showing with cold water feels really good, I had heard some people claimed it's better for your health, I didn't dare to try. Thanks to the water heater, I got my chance.

I don't think I can shower twice in winter, every time I turned off the hot water at shower in winter, it begins a bloody battle between me and time. I have to dress as quick as I can, or I would shake like a nuts.

If you only do once day, then try one more a day, you will like it!