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Last year, my patch got into FFmpeg repository, just now, after FFmpeg 0.12.2 marked as stable after 0.7.8, I saw my contribution (from FFmpeg manpage):

Unfortunately, I didn't carry on after I created x11grabr. The issue I has still remained and I didn't try to resolve it very hard. Since then nothing was done, it was sort of ceased of development. When I started x11grabr, I wished I could make it like XSplit on Linux. Despite issues, my computer couldn't handle much encoding let along I don't really have anything interesting for live broadcasting.

If you are interested, please send me an email, maybe we can team up.

This is just a quick announcement about what I am currently doing. I started a new project last week, x11grabr, X11 video GRABbeR. Its a fork of x11grab of libav/ffmpeg.

It can do what x11grab does and a little more as you can see in the screencast about. It has issues, but they wont be fixed anytime soon.

I list some tasks, go check up and give me some feedback and thoughts.

Its not ready for production use yet.

But it's not originally made from FFmpeg but libav. One day later after pushed to libav, my two patches got merged into FFmpeg.

Never heard of libav? Neither did I before until I read this thread FFmpeg-devel, then I decided to submit on libav-devel.

I got immediate response and many pointers about my code. I did wrote silly code, you can read my threads followmouse-1, followmouse-2, and showregion.

Basically, you can use
-f x11grab [-follow_mouse centered|PIXELS] [-show_region 1] ...
to enable these two options. You can see a video about them, but I changed they style, it's now dashed line box, not the solid lines as you see in that video.

Go grab FFmpeg or libav, if you can't wait.

(I did get a reply on FFmpeg-devel after the merge)