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It seems spammers are trying everything they can think to get more expose, not just simply using a website. They are using media as well.

The screenshot above shows a YouTube videos referrers, on top of that, in that blue box, its a screenshot from this blogs referrers. The YouTube video link links to that video, which is about casino. From YouTube stats, you can see there were 4+23=27 visitors from, I believe they are all targeted Blogger bloggers. When I first saw that referrer in Stats tab of dashboard, 99.999% I was sure its faked since no way anyone would link my blog in their videos descriptions or comments. But I still clicked on it to check it out. You can also see it has 303 likes and I bet they are all faked, too, but those 5 dislikes, I am certain that they are real ratings.

I was thinking to flag that video, but I couldnt. There is no suitable option to file an complaint, it makes sense. Someone might use this to attack normal video, in other words, we have to take this kind of spamming. Too bad, there is no Spam folder as in Gmail.

I have to quote this:

Spam will be a thing of the past in two years time. Bill Gates.

I really wish he was right. That was in 2004. Six years later, they are still around. Currently, if you dont see, they are just being hidden by algorithm. They are detected and put into spam folder. Thats sad, because what needs to be done is to find who sends not to write some sophisticated program to detect, those companies fight back in wrong direction. They keep saying how many they have done. The truth is they dont, they just cover our eyes.

Collecting evidence and help to charge those spams. Say one spam mail for just one minute community service, that would definitely be enough.

Since Blogger pushed new feature of Stats, I began to see more fake referrer in Stats tab or Google Analytics. Fake referrer is very common spam, but Blogger Stats needs you doing nothing to read the statistics. It's convenient for bloggers and spammers.

Those people who create crappy website have targeted us now. If it spams not only for traffics, but also try to hack into your computer, that would be very bad.

Don't click on any referrers that you have no idea what they are. I hate spammers!

The day before yesterday, I saw about a dozen hits in Woopra on this blog.

It's easy to guess that all are faked. It's no way to have same path, the navigation bar of, within 45 minutes. Amazingly, the faker can poke from so many different places and I think those are compromised computers.

Here is another report from MyBlogLog free stats:

It's interesting to see no any reports from Google Analytics. I wonder if Analytics already wiped those fake attempts out or it was just broken?