Really nothing to write about today, not a thing really worthy writing.

This morning, I watched two videos of Teslas new model that can park itself into or pull out of garage, including openiing and closing the garage door. This reminds me of a car that can park roadside, but you have to align first. I can be amazed by self-driving vehicle, but this seems to tell me we human are simply too lazy, although I do believe it can park better than human. No. I am sure it can.

This afternoon, I reported a YouTube channel that is polluting gardening search results. It is really annoying since that channel posts video logging videos, so it pops up really often, even several in the same page. Its videos all have many unrelated tags, and none of those I have seen any even remotely gardening. Thats just not the only channel, lots of unrelated videos show up in search results.

This evening, I ate an instant noodles which had three sachets and one main course packet. One chili, one seasoning, one oil, and one packs gingko (Ginkgo biloba) nuts, mushroom, and tofu stuff. Some high-end noodles, just like some non-vegetarian, which packs with real meat, well, made of real meat, whose texture is far from normally cooked meat. I am impressed for such vegetarian instant noodles, but unfortunately, it has a lot of ingredients that I cant pronounce, too.

Thought about skipping a day, now clearly, I dont need to.