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For a long time, if I recall correctly, mouse clicks are not registered in Flash's setting dialog since Adobe released the 64-bit version.

I recently cleaned up all cookies, GrooveShark asked to lift the cache size. I was unable to give it that permission because Flash doesn't want my clicks. If you press Tab key, you will see a yellow box moving around but no keys is able to do the same as a mouse click.

I finally found the resolution. In this web interface, I was able to give GrooveShark what it needs:

flash settings

Note: The Settings Manager that you see above is an image; it is not the actual Settings Manager. Click the tabs will not see different panels, and click the options in the panels will not change your Adobe Flash Player settings.

I just knew Gnash is 100% of all YouTube videos should work, its true. Also true for Flash Ads. I dont know if its about my hardware, drivers, or libraries, its performance is worse than Adobe Flash 64-bit. Yes, you can spank me, I am still using Adobe Flash 64-bit. I was aware Adobe decided to hold their support for 64-bit and I did not try to switch to 32-bit with nspluginwrappers help. I was risking myself.

Anyway, I had tried everything I could with ~/.gnashrc. I had tried every combination for hwaccel and render. I even tried vaapi, even I knew its purely meaningless since my ATI X1400 is not supported, I was desperate.

Here is some numbers. YouTube 480p using Adobe Flash 10.0 r45: 20-25%, 40-45% in fullscreen. My processor is a dual-core, so 45% means it uses almost one cores processing power. 360p using Gnash 0.8.8: 40%, nearly 100% and very laggy in fullscreen. If I use xv in mplayer for a 720p video, its around 20-25% in fullscreen.

This is my second try of Gnash, first time was probably a year ago, it didnt work out last time. Next time I try Gnash, it will be version 1.0.

I hope its just configuration thing, though I dont think so, but if you have same video card and it works smoothly for you, please tell me about your settings.

I just read this security bulletin, it affects all systems:
Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in Adobe Flash Player version and earlier. These vulnerabilities could cause the application to crash and could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

It is classified as critical, so you don't need to think twice go upgrade right now.

PS. Including AIR.

I have upgraded to Fedora 10 with DVD. Honesty, I don't feel many changes. The booting process has a little bit different. It's now always in graphical mode but still the same text-mode message (I don't use RHGB), that looks great. The logging-in sound is different.

The problems I have:

  • If enable gcin (an input method editor) in IM Chooser, system will extremely slow response.

  • Woopra client doesn't run well, it hangs. Could be a Java problem.

  • Flash (64 Bit) doesn't render well.

  • Saw a message "Could not detect stabilization, waiting 10 seconds." at booting, not sure what does that mean. After searched, I got this thread.

  • Amarok is 1.94, but UI has big problem and it can't play.

I ran yum to check if there is updates and hoped they would fix the problems above. I need to disable few repos, e.g. freshrpms and jpackage. Right now, I have 143 updates about 203 MB. After updated, those problems remain.

I am trying to resolve:

  • freshrpms is ready for Fedora 10.

Updated on 2008-11-27

After a day, I still didn't see anyone has same problems as I have. I decided to do a fresh installation, yea, I don't have much patience. I think all problems are caused by very fundamental thing but I don't know what it is.

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