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I was watching live stream and read the chat alongside, everything seemed to be normal until I couldn't open new websites. I had a script to get updates from all sorts of services also having trouble.

Although the stream was still playing smoothly and chat message was still coming in, but I can't ping with domain name, so I decided to restart my PPP.

Well, it's still didn't work. I noticed I could ping with IP address. I could also ping DNS with IP and resolve domain name with @dns_ip. Somehow, DNS didn't work normally, which are my ISP's DNS.

I even checked route table, it's good.

Restarting the ADSL router as the last hope, guessing that might be just some upgrading glitch in ISP's end. Well, it didn't work.

Since, I knew the problem was with DNS. I thought I could just replace with other DNS. The funny thing was I didn't have any IP address of other DNS.

Luckily, since I could @dns_ip to lookup Google's IP, so I could still use Google's IP to do search. Thank god! Amazingly, Google seems to be careful about such situation, I saw everything in search result. The Instant search was reacting to my typing, images were loaded normally. Everything was accessible via that single IP address I used to connect. (Google Search has many IPs)

The only one I knew I could probably trust and it's open to public access is the OpenDNS. I can't just click on the result to go to the website since it requires DNS to resolve for the IP address. But I managed to get the IP address displayed in plain search result with right keyword.

So, this tells me: you better to keep a list of backup DNS.

It's been for days that I couldn't connect to Google's services smoothly. I can't find any news reports talked about it, that seems to be my own problem.

My ISP is Hinet, the biggest ISP in Taiwan. This situation happened two or three times in the last few years, but all got resolved in hours except that an earthquake broke sea cables.

I didn't use proxy before, so I use Hinet's proxy server and didn't help. Then I tried to access an image from free image hosting service (, the proxy responded "host can't be resolved." That explains why I saw the error so many times in the last few days. At first, I thought those were remote servers' problems. Now, it's obvious that the problem is the nameservers.

I am using OpenDNS and all problems are gone.