I was watching live stream and read the chat alongside, everything seemed to be normal until I couldn't open new websites. I had a script to get updates from all sorts of services also having trouble.

Although the stream was still playing smoothly and chat message was still coming in, but I can't ping with domain name, so I decided to restart my PPP.

Well, it's still didn't work. I noticed I could ping with IP address. I could also ping DNS with IP and resolve domain name with @dns_ip. Somehow, DNS didn't work normally, which are my ISP's DNS.

I even checked route table, it's good.

Restarting the ADSL router as the last hope, guessing that might be just some upgrading glitch in ISP's end. Well, it didn't work.

Since, I knew the problem was with DNS. I thought I could just replace with other DNS. The funny thing was I didn't have any IP address of other DNS.

Luckily, since I could @dns_ip to lookup Google's IP, so I could still use Google's IP to do search. Thank god! Amazingly, Google seems to be careful about such situation, I saw everything in search result. The Instant search was reacting to my typing, images were loaded normally. Everything was accessible via that single IP address I used to connect. (Google Search has many IPs)

The only one I knew I could probably trust and it's open to public access is the OpenDNS. I can't just click on the result to go to the website since it requires DNS to resolve for the IP address. But I managed to get the IP address displayed in plain search result with right keyword.

So, this tells me: you better to keep a list of backup DNS.