I knew this one is coming, even I really didnt want to write a yearly review, perhaps that was because I was afraid that nothing much to write about.

Anyway, here I come.

June, five years of being vegetarian, and I dont really feel I havent eaten any meat for that long. If I recall correctly, I did crave when I just started, but now, pictures of meat or fish are just pictures to me. I can watch cooking video and look at the final product, but not a thought of wanting to eat those even I know they are delicious. They are just food I dont eat.

When I switched back to be vegetarian from vegan over a year ago, I had to adjust to the taste of eggs, it was acquired taste. Now, I am getting used to them. As for milk, funny thing is I cant really drink, milk has to be at least heated, or I will have to go sit on toilet for a while. Still, I am forcing myself to eat or cook with dairy products and eggs, always that feeling, they are truly the nutrients I need more than the ingredients to make food delicious.

October, I decided to quit beer, coffee, tea, and sugary drinks for whatever reason that I didnt even know. Just like a snap of finger, a thought was formed, and thats it. However, its not a strict rule. I had had a cup of tea, and a couple of drinks that had added sugar. But, its not like I wanted to drink, I was just on vacuum duty, didnt want them go to waste when they were about to go past the dates.

November, no more dramas. I stopped watching television shows and films, not sure why, but maybe thats because of a conversation I had with someone on YouTube a while earlier, who told me that he hadnt watched television for some time. Two months later, I cant say I feel missing anything, but I wished I had not quit everything. Some shows are not for entertainment.

Thats about what I want to write.