This spam is extremely lawl:

Was this guy writing to his god? The god of fortune, meaning $$$.

I love your blog and religiously follow it.

This line is too hilarious, I must say.

He mentions "Copyscape," so I looked up for it, it's a service which can search for duplicate content, wholly or partially. I think he actually means 100% free from Copyscape detection. His content must be stolen from others with some deliberate modification, or he wouldn't need to mention such thing.

Beside me, there were other 5 recipients of this email. I wonder if anyone really wants to contact this guy. My advise to this kind of email: It's a TRAP!

Even this guy does delivery a guest post if it's free of charge, which I don't believe this is the case, it's just a way for them to trick search engine and get a free link-in for their crappy website; if not, I'd say you must be a rich guy to pay someone to write a piece of garbage. Just look at those sample titles, typical for trash posts, that looks like being generated. I guess I can write a generator just for fun for computer technical posts.

I think this thing is called buying/selling content according the sidebar of Copyscape. If a blogger buys content, that's a shame and how dare him or her could call self as a blogger. Every time, a good stuff gets invented, some people always try to make money out of it in an ugly way. Sad.

Spam reported.