6:45am, just woke up, showered, a cup of coffee in my hand wiping away the cute sleepy bugs in my head. Checking other stuff first, skimming over blog posts, updates, blah and blahs.

It's time to deal with the mails which I knew I had a few from my notification program, but I didn't peek at mail subjects.

Well, 3 spams out of 5 emails, that's quite a surprise, considering this is the Gmail, which was said having the most incredible algorithm, even A.I. perhaps?

To be more surprised is they are all marked as Important, WTF indeed. Cheers to the glorious superb filter to show me how important they were, so I could spot right on them as spams and send them into spam folder. I got it, that's the whole Gmail spam prevention strategy, let users deal with them after mark them as important.

Is Gmail officially screwed by spams?