Seems like a perfect timing for Graduation by Vitamin C, its probably the only song I remember about graduation. This songs been around for 12 years, old but not that old. I think I first listened to it on YouTube, so its about five years ago, I guess.

When I was a still a student, always told that time is the easiest period in the life from elementary school to college and one of the most memorable moments, its somewhat correct. Student life or anything is nowhere to be said the easiest, they say so because they lose it and were used to the life. Its like any life transition, you reminisce even you have a hard time.

My last one, I cant even remember how it went, I believe I was around but didnt attend the ceremony or just completely skipped. Not really sure, its been many years. But I did tell myself: thats about it.

Graduation is the beginning of a realization.