This is probably my own oldest script and still being used besides .bashrc.

This g script was born at 2007-12-26T03:01:29+0800. (Yep, I am a timestamping nuts) Four years ago, I wrote a post about how to use it, but I doubt anyone has ever wanted to use it.

Its a simple script for quickly switching working directory. You can switch with index or keyword, it also supports Bash completion. There are a lot of script like this around, but I am happy with mine, even it had some issues.

After these years, I finally updated it to adding keyword support which I always wanted. I used to memorize the indexes of those directories, it wasnt a big issue for me. Besides that, a Makefile was written for easy installation.

Other than fixing some syntax and weird scripting (still read weird), its basically the same as you read in that old blog post.

If you havent tried directory switcher, why not try mine and create some issues for me to fix? (I am sure there are plenty to fix)