I just sent a feedback:

You can read my thought about the "Reading list," it is useless to me and I really don't want it. I wonder if any Blogger blogger really read others' blogs in the dashboard. Isn't a feed reader more efficient?

I think such feature is only for who doesn't know what "Feed" means and is for. Of course, you can show your readers what blogs you are following. But you can achieve by a Links gadget (or whatever that is called). And indeed, it shows your appreciation when you follow a blog. But I think linking to one specific post from a related post of yours is much more meaningful to the blog.

Anyway, I just want an option to disable it or hide it, no data of that section is transmitted from Blogger. It's very interesting that you have a lot of options for individual Blogger blog, but not this dashboard. You only can turn on or off the important notification from Blogger.

Added at 2012-04-05T09:43:12Z.

After replied to the first comment, I think I need to clarify more. First of all, I do not follow any blogs even you see "Blogger Buzz" in the screenshot above. Blogger thinks you need something to read, so they put their Buzz blog for you. If you read the description of my feedback in the screenshot, you would know I have subscribed to Buzz already in Google Reader.

Secondly, you may ask why don't you follow any blogs? I want to but I have to un-follow all because I don't want to have plenty of data I don't read in this dashboard. I read them in Google Reader. I un-followed all great blogs when the Draft was still in that old orangish background color interface, so that must be a year or two years ago.

I wanted to let people know those blogs when they read the old Blogger profile, I really did. Now, I have connected my Blogger profile to Google+ Profile, so this part doesn't really matter anymore. So basically, this blog following feature is no more useful to me, since it can't automatically show the list in Google+ profile. You need to manually add links.

Once again, manual mentioning or g+ a post or a blog is much more meaningful and they emphasize your appreciations greatly. But this is just me and my humble opinion.