More than a year ago, the loading time was around 6.4 seconds, I took few steps trying to reduce it. After that, I didn't pay anymore attention to it. A new post about Site Speed in Google Analytics got me looking into page load time again, which I have known before, but didn't pay attention to it, either.

I checked out it and it reported that it is about 5.66 seconds in average in last 30 days.

There seems to be two hiccups, I believe those views were from Poland and Hungary according to the data in Map Overlay. I am not sure what the problems really are, I don't believe that's because these two countries have slow connections to Blogger's servers.

I am quite happy to those numbers, though 5.66 seconds isn't something that you can call it a huge improvement. The global mean loading time is near 7 seconds based on the chart in Google Analytics' post. My blog is better than that, though I wish mine can be faster than mean value ~3 seconds.

The distribution of page load time is shown as the following image, it looks like the pages of my blog, 85.54% are loaded within between 1 and 7 seconds. This sounds very great.

I want to continue reading this data, so I updated my Google Analytics report script [diff]. This way, I don't need to constantly log in for checking it, I only need to read the daily report generated by my script.

Since I actually didn't do anything, in fact, I added more stuff. Maybe it's just computer gets faster, Internet connection are improved, or browser works more efficient. Anyway, I hope the number keeps going smaller.