I was going to take a screenshot and crop out important part, and think I might upload to Picasa Web Albums. As I recall, it doesn't count the quota if the size is smaller than 800 pixels. (I know Flickr has bigger size for free uploads, but I always feel I shouldn't upload screenshots to Flickr.)

I wanted to make sure so I googled and I was amazed that free quota for images it's now up to 2048 by 2048 in size. Hooray!

But, wait! Read carefully! It's eligible only if you are a Google+ user, or it's still 800x800.

So, I just signed up and linked to my Picasa Web Albums account, whatever it asked. A couple of clicks, I saw the first page of Google+, then I closed it. That's all my experience about Google+.

When Google+ just got released, immediately people started to compare it with Facebook. Face, what? Never really understand Facebook and that makes me have same feeling for Google+.

Anyway, if you want free 2048x2048 uploads, go sign up for Google+. Now I am sure I will upload all my screenshots to Picasa Web Albums.   But normal photos will still go to my free Flickr account even they only are showed in up to 1024x1024.

I am sure more and more free Flickr account holders who upload screenshot will start to use Picasa Web Albums for their screenshots. Generally, good screenshots have to be pixel-by-pixel, not to be resized. 2048 pixels is more than enough for most of people.